This restaurant is my restaurant of choice when introducing clients, colleagues and friends who have never had Cambodian food before. Their beef Loc Lac is definitely a favorite and the go to dish I would recommend for a first-timer. It's actually my favorite Loc Lac in the city, and trust me, there's plenty of Cambodian Restaurants in Lowell, MA to compare to. The restaurant is very beautiful and clean. In regards to ambiance, presentation of their dishes and cleanliness, it's the best in Lowell.

The staff and owner of the restaurant are all very friendly, however, I think the servers could be a bit more attentive. I see a lot of potential in this restaurant and I can only hope it does well. It's always very quiet when I go.

Armani T.

Lowell, MA

This place is great. The papaya salad is really really awesome. Also tried Loc Lac and one other dish (Seafood Ginger??) - both were very delicious.

Atmosphere and location-wise, it's not as fun as going somewhere in Cambridge/Boston, but it's worth the trip up to Lowell.

Nicole B.
Cambridge, MA

The environment is modern, bright and clean, nicely decorated. The staff and owner is quite friendly. The time we went it was pretty quiet but it was 9pm on a weekday. The food is pretty good. I can't say the flavor is amazing or anything, but they taste good and look pretty. It is probably a good place for a two person dinner. I would try more different dishes next time.

Jeremy Y.
Boston, MA

This meal was delicious!

We ordered the Cambodian drunken noodles, which came in a nice large portion and were quite tasty - they also came with sweet brown sauce and chili sauce on the side if you wanted to add a little jazz to your plate.

We also ordered trei amok, which is fish, steamed coconut with milk, and khmer seasonings in a banana leaf cup, served with fresh cucumber, a garnish of cilantro, and red peppers.  It came with a nice side of white rice.  The fish was flavorful and tender, and the coconut sauce was AMAZING!  We didn't really eat the rice, but after finishing the fish we poured the remaining sauce on top of the rice and it was absolutely delectable.

I gave this place a 4-star rating because the food was really quite good.  However, we were quite disappointed with some of the service interactions.  We arrived at 9 pm (they are open until 10 pm on Mondays) and the restaurant was empty except for one person.  The hostess/server made a comment about how they were closing soon when we walked in, and seemed irritated.  We were then led (deliberately) to a table on which the paper cover was clearly still dirty from a previous diner.  This made me kind of livid, but at that point I didn't think it was worth saying anything.  After sitting down, the server gave us about 2 minutes before asking if we were ready to order (we have never been to this place so weren't familiar with the menu). We felt rushed, but told her that we would try to make our choices as quickly as possible.  Then, about half an hour into our meal, a (Cambodian) couple walked in and were greeted joyously by the same host/server that had given us a hard time.  This was quite disappointing, considering our interaction with her previously.

Over the course of our meal, the server seemed to warm up to us a little bit with our ample praise of the food, but in general I was left with a bad taste in my mouth from our first impressions of her.  Not sure I'd go back considering there are so many options for Cambodian food in Lowell, but I wouldn't completely rule it out.

Katie P.

There are a lot of good authentic Asian restaurants in Lowell, however, they all suffer from the same flaw---well lets just say that the decor is rather humble. If you're looking for an upscale Asian Restaurant that also has great food, look no further than Tepthida Khmer. The restaurant is sparkling clean, nicely decorated and has ample parking. The food is authentic, fresh and well presented. Their beef skewers, were exceptional with an unmistakable cumin flavor that set it apart from many others that I've eaten. Be sure to order the Hot Pot which comes with a generous amount of seafood and pork seasoned to perfection. If you enjoy a tasty beef and vegetable entree the Teuk Prahak Sach Ko is for you. The lemongrass accent and fresh vegetables tantalized the palate. No less impressive was the Trei Chu-Aem consisting of fresh pieces of fish in a wonderful sauce surrounded by pineapple, onions and peppers. > >Tepthida Khmer is a delightful addition for those who enjoy authentic Asian cuisine and is sure to be packed with diners who appreciate both atmosphere and good cuisine.

Jamal Aruri

Attorney at Law

I recently had the opportunity to take lunch at the new Tepthida Restaurant on Chelmsford Street in Lowell. Our host for the meal that day was the proprietor Elly Hsu who welcomed us into the restaurant like it was her own home. The decor of Tepthida is a striking mix of modern outfitting coupled with classical Asian artwork. The place has a small, intimate feel with an attractive bar and lounge-able couch adjacent to the main group of tables.

We were treated first to a spicy shrimp salad which was freshly flavorful but not too overwhelming. This was followed by a delicious Tom Yum soup with a nice bite and vegetables that were not overcooked. Tepthida's tofu triangles were served with a mild peanut sauce and offered a crunchy but uniformly cooked consistency.

For the main courses, we were served curried clams with a slightly pungent lemongrass flavor followed by a wonderfully composed seafood dish displayed in a cut-away pineapple - a real treat for the eyes and the mouth! This preceeded an appetite-busting dish of Pad Thai with a very generous supply of shrimp and a selection of frog legs which were exquisite.

The food was all served on fine plates and smartly arranged with garnish. A very unique feature of the restaurant is the use of stainless steel chopsticks which add a flair of modernity to the classic Cambodian dishes.

Overall, I would recommend Tepthida Restaurant as a great and distinct addition to Lowell's fine selection of Khmer eating establishments.

Mehmed Ali

The setting is elegant and simple. The silver wear and plates were of high quality. The food is colorful and beautifully presented, particularly the salads. We enjoyed a wide variety of dishes. My two favorites were the spicy beef salad and the soup which had a hint of ginger. Every dish had a unique and pleasant flavor.

Jim Wilde